PowerPoint – Enhancing your Presentation


This course is ideal for both new users of MS PowerPoint and users that have a basic but limited working knowledge of the application. It is designed to bring you through some of the good practice methods used to efficiently create effective slideshows and presentations using this application.

The session will be workshop-based where you will build a presentation from blank all the way through to being ready to present complete with multiple slide types, content types, transitions, animations and design.

Recommended pre-requisites: You should have a basic understanding of how to use a PC, open, close and save files and have some experience of using a computer for email and internet.

This course will be delivered using Windows PCs and is suitable for SHOs in all surgical specialties and emergency medicine doctors.

Faculty: Mr Noel Manning, IT Training and Development, Technical Writing (Software)

Learning objectives

  • An overview of PowerPoint and its files type
  • Starting a new blank file
  • Understanding master slides
  • Applying slide transitions   
  • Working with content animations
  • Slideshow options