Drug delivery using medical devices

Engagement type

SFI Research Centre co-funded targeted research project


Aerogen is an innovative medical device and drug delivery company specialising in the design, manufacture and marketing of aerosol drug delivery systems, aimed at the critical care respiratory market.


Although there are a growing number of small molecule and biomolecule therapeutics under development for respiratory pathologies, translation of these therapies has been hindered by inefficient drug delivery and drug instability. Aerogen’s vibrating mesh nebulisers can deliver large biomolecules to the lungs effectively and the focus of this project is to investigate the delivery of a range of therapeutics in combination with Aerogen’s nebulisers.

RCSI value-added

RCSI provided expertise in respiratory medicine, API characterisation, pharmaceutical formulation, pharmacokinetics and controlled release drug delivery systems.

“Aerogen is an award-winning company that continues to invest heavily in R&D and product design. Strategic alliances with leading research institutes such as RCSI have enabled Aerogen to leverage home-grown scientific excellence to facilitate its rapid growth.”

DR COLIN TELFER, Director of Business Development, Aerogen