Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine

Researchers at RCSI are developing biomaterials and therapeutic strategies that can be used to replace or regenerate damaged human cells, tissues or organs.

This multi-disciplinary field brings together bioengineers, chemists, molecular biologists and clinicians to develop advanced biomaterials for tissue repair with applications in bone, cartilage, cardiovascular, respiratory, neural, skin and corneal regeneration.

These biomaterials are increasingly being used as therapeutic bioactive platforms for the delivery of stem cells and growth factors, or as gene-activated matrices to promote enhanced tissue repair.

Our researchers are also exploring new strategies to combine cutting-edge advances in the area of 3D printing and advanced manufacturing, with new insights into stem cell/gene therapy to develop a collagen-based scaffold platform that can repair both cartilage and the underlying bone in damaged articular joints.

RCSI research in regenerative medicine, advanced biomaterials and drug delivery plays a leading role in a number of large collaborative research networks/programmes, involving partners from industry, academia and clinical organisations. These include the SFI centres AMBER, which drives advanced materials and bioengineering research, and CÚRAM, which aims to design the next generation of 'smart' medical devices.

Our Principal Investigators