Cancer research at RCSI

RCSI cancer researchers – in collaboration with industry and our clinical sites – are discovering new ways to improve outcomes for cancer patients by optimising prevention, diagnosis and therapy.

Our impact

We study a wide variety of cancer types, with a particular focus on breast, neuroblastoma, brain, ovarian and colorectal cancer. We aim to determine the causes of cancer at the molecular level in order to identify targets for the development of new therapies. We are also identifying novel biomarkers for diagnosis and predicting response to current therapies.

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Patient-focused care

Cancer is an interdisciplinary research field at RCSI bringing together clinicians, biologists, epidemiologists, statisticians and chemists to improve patient outcomes in all cancer types.

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Our expertise

Leonie Young

"RCSI carries out research that brings maximum benefit to cancer patients and ensures that Ireland is at the forefront of excellent patient care now and in the future."

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