Outbound electives at RCSI

Electives are short-term collaborative work placements in which you gather experience in either a research or clinical environment.

Electives facilitate your growth as a healthcare practitioner, allow you to gain experience in different specialties, and help you to build your professional network. 

Clinical electives

RCSI student researcher and surgeon

Through a network of international partnerships with other world-leading universities and institutions, RCSI offers a significant number of clinical elective opportunities that are competitively applied for.  

The RCSI Clinical Electives team provides advice and administrative support to students during the application process – whether you choose an electives for networking, specialty ‘fit-testing’, or to enhance prospects of matching to residency training programmes abroad.

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Research electives

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Participation in summer research electives is strongly encouraged at RCSI. In addition to our own popular Research Summer School, the University also offers a number of exciting summer research exchange opportunities with various international partners.

The advantages of undertaking research electives during your time at RCSI include field-specific experience, the possibility of conference presentations or publications, and gaining valuable contacts for future career opportunities.

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Our partners

RCSI has partnerships all over the world with leading institutions. Explore more on the map below.