Anthony Maher

My name is Anthony Maher and I am in my 5th and final year in RCSI’s integrated Masters of Pharmacy Programme (MPharm).

This is my second year taking part in Research Summer School (RSS). Since my first experience, I have continued to be a part of the RCSI IRFU Charitable Trust research partnership, where biannual public and patient involvement stakeholder meetings take place. Research, and even more so publication, offers students a fantastic opportunity to make their CV stand out. Whether you know so at this stage or not, I firmly believe having a publication to your name early-on in your career, indeed in any aspect, can increase your scope, employability and the breadth of opportunities to you as a newly graduate or indeed later on, if you ever want to dip back into something different. It’s something that every student should be encouraged to do because even if you don’t want the extra opportunities available, the fact is that RSS is a relaxed atmosphere, outside of the normal stresses of 4th and 5th year theses, and you also can get paid for the summer!

My current research is focusing on data from a large nursing home medication provider based in Ireland, where we are looking to adopt various established and evidence-driven prescribing guidelines to identify common themes and trends in relation to potentially inappropriate prescribing. The hope is that this project will snowball into the future for a masters or a PhD prospective student(s), who can develop this further.

Another positive note is that if this does indeed occur, it will reflect nicely on me as I began the initiative. As I have previously seen in the RCSI-IRFU partnership project, a student has indeed come on-board and received funding to turn this into a PhD for themselves.

Anthony Maher, Pharmacy