Benái Paponette

I consider RCSI a unique place to study because of its great foundation in producing well-rounded medical students who possess strong leadership attributes. Furthermore, what makes the College more desirable is its ability to create an environment that is conducive for every one of multifarious backgrounds.

The staff and everyone affiliated with the College create a warm and welcoming ambience that allows students to easily adjust and feel included.

In RCSI innovation and research is paramount and highly strived for, as the College believes the next best idea can come from one of its own. Students are also provided with numerous opportunities, due to RCSI's impressive connections and collaborations with other institutions.

One feature of RCSI I truly appreciate is the emphasis placed on student health and well being. Although college life can be challenging, RCSI has managed to decrease some of the burdens by continuously improving extracurricular facilities and technological tools.

Dublin is such a beautiful, picturesque city. My two and a half years living here have been great thus far. Coming from the Caribbean, what I like most is the diversity of people living in the city. Irish natives are very friendly and welcoming and services here are very easily accessed. Being in Dublin, I have also been able to travel to other European countries, which has been a fantastic experience. I have also had the opportunity to meet people like myself from all over the world and have made some close friends and peers.

Benái Paponette, Undergraduate Medicine