Candace Lessey

To me, RCSI is a melting pot of many different cultures and backgrounds and it offers a multi-dimensional approach to the study of medicine.

Events such as Cultural Diversity Month, have exposed me to the customs and traditions of various cultures and RCSI's many sports clubs and societies have also ensured that there is something for everyone regardless of their passion. This makes RCSI a really unique college.

Life in Dublin over the past two and half years has been an unforgettable experience, I have found it to be a multicultural city with warm and welcoming people. I really enjoy the wide variety of cuisines offered in Dublin and relaxing on St Stephen’s Green on warmer days; these outlets make studying at RCSI more well-rounded, rather than solely based on academics.

Even though it was a bit of an adjustment, as I came from a tropical country (Trinidad), living in on-campus accommodation definitely made life a lot simpler. I got the opportunity to make lots of new friends and as it is situated in a city centre location, everything is easily accessible.

Life at RCSI has afforded me so many wonderful experiences and has helped to shape my work ethic and values into what they are today. It is an experience that I am thoroughly enjoying and if I had a chance to do it all over again, I most certainly would!

Candace Lessey, Undergraduate Medicine