Daniel Joyce

I am the Administrative Chief Resident at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, a multi-speciality academic non-profit hospital, I am responsible for scheduling the day-to-day running of the team of 70-80 residents.

It’s true, at 29, I’m younger than most of my colleagues but RCSI sowed the seed for my belief that I could take on a role like this – the College fostered any aptitude for leadership, ensuring it could be expressed. Even as a student I was allowed test my leadership skills.

Originally from Recess in Connemara, Co. Galway, I went to school in Tuam and won a scholarship to RCSI. After graduating, I trained at Beaumont Hospital for a year. At the time, the Irish economy was at a low point and, with advice from Paddy Broe (Emeritus Clinical Professor of Surgery and Past President of RCSI), I made the decision to jump ship to the US.

I knew very little about Cleveland, Ohio when I arrived in the depths of December snow but I love being here. Workwise, the Cleveland Clinic is a phenomenal institution; it sees the most complex cases from all over the world. In terms of life outside work, Cleveland is the mid-west so the lifestyle is laidback and the cost of living reasonable.

In June 2018, I’m due to graduate from general surgery and will start a surgical oncology fellowship at Roswell Park, Buffalo.

Dr Daniel Joyce, Undergraduate Medicine, Class of 2010