Jessica Millar

I chose Pharmacy due to my huge interest in how drugs work, especially preventative drugs – after all prevention is better than cure! Also, through work experience during secondary school, I felt really strongly that I would like to work with vulnerable, unwell people. It was here that I realised how much of a difference a pharmacist can make to a patient’s life. The practical advice provided often changes how a patient responds to their medication and their compliance. In the future, I would love to be able to have a say in the design of a medication to ensure a practical, patient-friendly approach in a science and engineering heavy world.

Coming from a small country school, RCSI’s smaller student population appealed to me. My primary school consisted of 50 pupils and my secondary around 500. So, the smaller, closer community atmosphere initially attracted me when I spoke to representatives at Higher Options.

By attending Open Days, I learned that the College’s curriculum places a strong emphasis on educating through, as well as developing, multidisciplinary teams. This cemented my choice as I have experienced first-hand the additional complications that can arise when communication breaks down between medical teams.

Initially when I started Pharmacy, I was determined to get into research, and, over the years, I’ve managed successfully to gain some experience here, both through the curriculum as well as during my summer months.

However, last summer I was lucky enough to gain hospital experience and learned about the many different roles of the pharmacist there, some I had never even heard of before. So now I hope to get into hospital pharmacy and enter research through this pathway.

I would also like to further my research skills through a PhD in regenerative medicines. I have been inspired to pursue this field by the many RCSI lecturers who have done fantastic work in tissue engineering.

Jessica Millar, Undergraduate Pharmacy, Class of 2018.