Julia Verrelli

At RCSI the School of Physiotherapy lecturers are easily accessible as the course is small. This makes student learning more integrated as the group becomes a community and increases the ability of students to participate. This form of environment, with it’s largely practical and hands-on approach to education, was the optimal setting for my learning style.

Starting college is a large undertaking in itself, let alone beginning college life in a new country. However, my transition into higher education in Ireland was made a smooth process by the supports in place at RCSI. The College ensures that all of its students are well supported, and understand the importance of health and well being above all else. In my four years at this institution, I have grown as an individual and professional.

My time at RCSI has been incredibly rewarding. RCSI provides its students with a tight-knit community of students from all walks of life, and encourages an inclusive multidisciplinary collaborative environment. The opportunities to challenge and enjoy yourself academically, socially, and physically are endless.

I am honoured to have represented the Class of 2018 for three of my four years in RCSI. I am so grateful for every opportunity that attending this school has given me and will never forget my time here.

Julia Verrelli, Undergraduate Physiotherapy, Class of 2018