Melvin Hoo

I participated in the Research Summer School (RSS) in the summer of 2017 and found it to be one of the most conducive environments to facilitate learning new skills in the research field. 

Students typically start applying from early November for research posts in the summer of the following year. There are a wide variety of projects, ranging from lab-based basic science research, to clinical-based projects in the hospital setting. As such, no two students' research experience will be the same.

Alongside our research projects; which we worked on for five days a week for eight weeks – we were also invited to attend seminars held by prominent leaders in the research field.

Nearing the end of the programme, there was a Student Innovation Challenge, where we were pitted against healthcare challenges in RCSI's core expertise areas. This challenged our creative and research skills and brought out the inquisitive and innovative researcher in them.

Furthermore, we had the opportunity to write an abstract and create a research poster with the aid of our supervisors. This was sent for numerous conferences and competitions, both internal and external, at which we got the opportunity to hone our presentation skills and network with experienced clinician researchers..

In my opinion, the RSS was a once in a lifetime opportunity that should not be missed by any student aspiring to become a well-rounded health professional.

Melvin Hoo, Undergraduate Medicine