Mohammad Alhazmi

Being a student of RCSI, and soon a graduate alumnus is an honorary badge that I am proud of, and I'm quite sure so are many of my colleagues.

Several factors play a role in the making of a future healthcare professional's personality and attitude and I believe RCSI has played a key role in mine, not just academically.

Throughout my five years at the College, I have done so much. I just thought I came for a medical degree, but it has been so much more than that. The journey began in my first week at Clubs and Societies Sign up Day, I signed up with a few societies and three main clubs: Men’s Soccer, Running and Table Tennis.

In Foundation Year, I played more than 25 matches with the RCSI Soccer team and have participated and represented RCSI in four Irish Collingwood Cups during my time here. In Junior Cycle, I spent time improving my table tennis skills until I was made part of the RCSI team and won a silver medal with the team at the end of the league at a competition held at University College Dublin (UCD). I also took up running and was lucky enough to be sponsored by RCSI to run the Dublin Marathon and the Boston Marathon in my second year, representing RCSI proudly and fundraising for a good cause.

Last year, I was honoured to be sponsored by RCSI to go to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to volunteer at Christina Noble Children’s Foundation (CNCF) with three other students.

Regarding societies, I have been involved in many, but I am one of the founding members of the Middle Eastern Student Association (MESA) Society, which now holds several events throughout the year. Last year, I was elected President of MESA and could not be happier; we held several successful events and won the title of the International Night show in February.

At RCSI you will feel welcomed, supported and respected and I highly suggest that you get involved in the many different clubs and societies, remember it’s important to keep a balance between academic excellence and a lifestyle.

Mohammad Alhazmi, Undergraduate Medicine