Rachel Lai Fat Fur

My decision to attend RCSI has been one of the best choices I’ve made on my route to becoming a physician.

At 17 years old, I decided to move to Ireland and away from my family and friends in Canada. I was anxious at first, but the new friendships I established and the warm and welcoming environment at RCSI made my worries disappear. I am happy to call Ireland my second home.

Transition to Croke Park

This time last year I was attending classes in lecture theatres, walking through St Stephen's Green with my friends, and queuing for a coffee at the Dispensary. It is surreal to think how different the college experience has become. The pandemic has altered all aspects of life and enforced new changes in the delivery of medical education.

As a second year medical student, I have currently been relocated to Croke Park to attend lectures both in-person and online. At a time where all other institutions have moved online, the opportunity to attend lectures at Croke Park is beneficial, as it allows students to interact with friends in the learning community.

Having a sense of normality during a pandemic enhances mental well-being and allows students to have structure. One of the biggest advantages of this new learning style is that lectures are recorded, allowing students to watch these at our own pace and engage in the material. I have found that this reduces the pressure of having to write notes quickly of all the additional information shared during the lectures.

I have enjoyed my time at Croke Park thus far – the ability to say that I have attended lectures in one of Ireland’s iconic stadiums is a unique experience, and it’s one I am grateful for. RCSI has done an excellent job in accommodating the needs of the students at such an unprecedented time.

Rachel Lai Fat Fur, Medicine