Top 5 places to eat

Content provided by Adri-Anna Aloia, student council president 2017/2018

This adventure is driven by my taste buds! Here are my top five picks in Bahrain:

1. Fatayers - Adam's Oven: one of my favourite picks during exam week. I enjoy their beef and cheese fatayer, but they have loads of options to choose from. Ask for extra meat and then chill by the beach. These guys are located in Busaiteen, so it's ideally located near the campus.

2. Bahraini Breakfast - Naseef or Saffron: both locations are found in Manama souq, which has a lot of shops for souvenirs and beautiful lamps to admire. Both restaurants are very good but each has their own star dishes on their breakfast platter. Eggs and tomatoes are my favourite, and make sure to get the karak pot of tea!! Note that Naseef doesn't add sugar to their pot, but Saffron does; so let them know how you like it.

3. Cake cake cake - Orangery: hands down, THE best cake in Bahrain. They have good food options as well but the place is a little pricey. Their coffee is also on point. My order: strawberry gateau with a cappuccino. A blissful reward located in south Adilya.

4. Lamb tongue - Al Fayez: this Lebanese restaurant is in Reef island, which already has a sweet view. While lamb tongue is quite adventurous for some, their other meat options are very good. However, this dish with its lemon sauce is one of my favourites in Bahrain.

5. Sushi and Tepanyaki - Kabuki: if you're into Japanese flavour and want a bit of a show, sit at the front where they have the open stove tops. Great for small birthday gatherings, delicious and decently priced. Found in the flashy strip of Juffair, nicknamed American Alley.

There is so much more food-wise that Bahrain has to offer and places to enjoy. I hope this very short list opens your palate for further exploration!