John Paul Lanigan

PRCSI (1970-1972)

John P LaniganHaving started as an RCSI demonstrator in anatomy, Mr John P. Lanigan became house surgeon and house physician in the Richmond, Whitworth and Hardwicke Hospitals. His path and mastery of neurosurgery began under the guidance and tutelage of Adam McConnell, becoming his assistant in the Richmond Hospital, later his colleague and eventually his successor in a considerably enlarged department. He also held appointments as neurosurgeon to the Rotunda, National Childrens and St Ultan’s Hospitals.

Mr Lanigan became a member of RCSI Council in 1957 and became President (1970-1972) at a time when postgraduate education was gaining momentum and the building extension was a major objective. Once his term ended he continued to serve the College as an active Council member and through several committees.