Stanley Thomas McCollum

PRCSI (1976-1978)

Stanley Thomas McCollumMr Stanley T McCollum graduated from TCD with distinction winning the O'Sullivan and Fitzpatrick prizes. He carried out his postgraduate surgical experiences at the Adelaide Hospital winning the Hudson scholarship and gold medal and continued in Dr Steeven’s Hospitals.

Mr McCollum served as a surgical registrar at Hillingdon Hospital, working for Howard Hanley (urology specialist). Mr McCollum returned to Dublin as consultant surgeon to the Adelaide and National Children's Hospital. He joined RCSI Council in 1966 and was elected President 1976. He established links with the Middle East and visited Qatar, accompanied by the PRCPI, Dr Bryan Alton and RCSI’s Academic Secretary Mr Joseph G. Grace. He signed the contract for the ‘link building’ (1978).

Mr McCollum served on a number of RCSI committees and became honorary librarian in 1982.