RCSI conference explores the critical field of primary care cancer research

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Experts in primary cancer care research will come together today at the inaugural PRiCAN Research Symposium held in RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences.

This event, organised by the PRiCAN (Primary Care Research into Cancer) research group, marks a significant development in primary care cancer research. It underlines the crucial role of primary care in improving healthcare outcomes from prevention and early detection through to comprehensive management. 

The PRiCAN Research Symposium 2024 will convene experts, emerging talents, and stakeholders in the area of primary care cancer research. This year’s theme, 'Early Diagnosis', focuses on the timeliness of cancer detection and optimisation of the patient journey from primary to secondary care. 

Keynote speakers and topics 

The symposium will feature keynote addresses and presentations by distinguished researchers including Professor Brian Nicholson from the University of Oxford, exploring advancements in risk stratification and diagnostics in primary care – including Multi-Cancer Early Detection (MCEDs) tests. Dr Heather Burns from the National Cancer Control Programme and Dr James O’Mahony from University College Dublin will discuss the landscape of cancer in Ireland and the health economic considerations surrounding cancer screening, respectively. 

The event also includes the voice of patients and the public, with presentations by advocates Carmel Geoghegan, PRiCAN Patient and Public Involvement Lead and Dr Claire Kilty, Head of Research, Irish Cancer Society, highlighting the importance of involving patients and families in cancer research. 

Engage, Learn, and Collaborate 

Attendees will also have the opportunity to engage in discussions, participate in workshops focused on patient and public involvement and define research priorities for early cancer detection in Ireland. The symposium aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and inspire attendees to contribute to the discussion on enhancing primary care's role addressing the global challenge of cancer. 

PRiCAN is a research group based in RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dublin led by Professor Patrick Redmond, Department of General Practice. Its focus to date has been on improving the prevention, detection, and management of cancer within primary healthcare settings - where patients often first seek medical help. Find out more here