Researcher development

At RCSI, we strive to not only provide you with the very best in clinical and research support but also support you in your professional development.

As part of that aim, we have developed a Professional Certificate in Research Practices, which melds professional development skills with technical research training for RCSI researchers with multi-disciplinary approaches and interests.

There are four core modules (PC01-PC04) and 12 optional modules (PC05-PC16) that cover diverse skill sets. It is compulsory for PhD scholars to complete all four core modules (PC01-PC04) as part of their degree.

It is compulsory for MD, MSc and MCh scholars to complete Research and Ethics Integrity (PC04) core module as part as their degree. All other modules available as part of Certificate are optional.

The Certificate comprises 20 ECTS credits in total and can be completed at any stage during your studies.


Code Title ECTS credits
PC01 Postgraduate Essentials/Development 2.5
PC02 Biostatistics for Research Postgraduates 5
PC03 Critical Analysis, Writing and Communication Skills 2.5
PC04 Research Ethics and Integrity 5
PC05 Applied Biomedical Imaging 2.5
PC06 Anatomical and Molecular Imaging 2.5
PC07 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Healthcare 5
PC08 Medical Sciences Course 5
PC09 Cell Signalling and Molecular Medicine 2.5
PC10 Fundamentals of Computational Biology 2.5
PC11 Data Management 2.5
PC12 Good Clinical Practice 2.5
PC13 Good Clinical Practice for Medical Device Research 2.5
PC14 Clinical Research Coordination and Management 5
PC15 Economic Evaluation Based on Clinical Trials 2.5
PC16 Health Econometrics using Stata 2.5

Please contact us with any queries in relation to the Professional Certificate in Research Practices.