Researcher development

At RCSI, we strive to not only provide you with the very best in clinical and research support, but also to support you in your professional development.

As part of that aim, we have developed a range of core modules which you will undertake as part of your research higher degree. 


Title Description
PC01 – Postgraduate Essentials Covers a range of topics, including IT basics, lab safety, career development, etc. 
PC02 – Biostatistics for Postgraduate Researchers Provides a basic grounding in biostatistics. Elements include, data collection and management, statistical analysis and interpretation.
PC03 – Critical Analysis, Writing and Communication Skills Provides the skills required for technical presentations in both written and oral form, as well as enables critical evaluation of students’ own work and that of others.
PC04 – Research Ethics and Integrity Increases the capacity of postgraduate research candidates to translate the principles of research ethics and integrity into concrete action while undertaking research for higher degrees.

It is compulsory for PhD scholars to complete all four core modules as part of their higher degree. MD, MSc and MCh scholars must complete PC01 and PC04, although we do recommend completion of all. 

In addition to the core modules, you will also have the opportunity to undertake other optional modules/course and training while in RCSI. Examples of this training would include Good Clinical Practice, Clinical Research Coordination and Management, and Applied Biomedical Imaging (all subject to availability).

As an RCSI research student, you will also have the opportunity to take part in the annual RCSI Research Day, as well as both attending and delivering other research seminars.

Please contact if you have any queries.