Handover to the night shift staff)

Safe Clinical Handovers

Continuous Professional Development Support Scheme


Quality healthcare requires clear and effective communication between healthcare professionals, teams, and patients. In this course, we will focus on one particular area of healthcare communication: clinical handovers.

This online course aims to support clinicians to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively prepare and participate in clinical handover.

The course demonstrates how good communication skills can achieve continuity and safety of patient care during handover. The application of ISBAR3 is examined in a variety of clinical settings using video analysis of everyday handover situations.

Through a series of learning videos, you will learn about the value of healthcare teams, challenges to effective handovers, and how processes for managing clinical handovers can be improved.

You will also view two scenarios that highlight key skills and structures used in clinical handovers. You will watch both good and bad versions of each handover as well as a debrief in which key points will be reviewed.

Following the learning content, you will then complete a short multiple choice quiz. Once you have achieved a passing score in the quiz, you can download your CPD certificate.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn good communication skills for creating a respectful workplace culture
  • Consider how to provide comprehensive, timely, safe and effective communication
  • Review ISBAR3 in a variety of clinical situations