SWaT Research Centre

The Skin Wounds and Trauma (SWaT) Research Centre is leading cutting-edge research in the field of wound healing and tissue repair, with a specific emphasis on pressure ulcer prevention and management.

We aim is to translate evidence into contemporary clinical decision-making, and to provide a platform for outcome-focused healthcare practice.

Why work with us?

The SWaT Research Centre provides access to:

  • World leaders in skin wounds and trauma research
  • Expertise in regulated studies of novel medical devices
  • Significant leveraged research-funding opportunities
  • A network of clinical and academic experts in the SWaT Research Network
  • Clinical research infrastructure
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SWaT team

Our people

The nurse-led SWaT Research Centre is staffed by leading experts in wound management.

Our collaborators

Martin Burns BBI

"Our collaborations with the SWaT Research Centre have facilitated a number of clinical studies that have evaluated BBI LLCs innovative sensor-based products. We are delighted to continue this partnership with the Centre."

Martin Burns, CEO, Bruin Biometrics LLC

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