Funding and policy

The SWaT Research Centre specialises in the evaluation and regulated clinical investigations of novel medical devices; including development of concept/design, and monitoring of device efficacy over time. Our expertise incorporates, clinical trial design, first in man studies, laboratory studies, epidemiological surveillance and patient outcome research.

Studies range from evaluation of assessment tools, to movement studies, to large-scale randomised control trials. Given that up to 6% of healthcare budgets are spent on the management of often-preventable wounds, and that an ageing population is likely to increase the burden of global wound care, it is desirable that effective strategies to prevent and treat wounds – preferably in a community setting – are developed and continually improved.

Professor Zena Moore, Director of the SWaT Research Centre has a wealth of experience working with funding agencies and industry partners. Prof. Moore is a pioneer of wound management, a recognised global expert and a passionate advocate for improving outcomes that benefit patients, their families, and healthcare services.

The SWaT team have successfully worked with Health Research Board, Enterprise Ireland, Irish Research Council, European Research Council and the Health Service Executive.

The influence and development of wound care policy, in Ireland and internationally, is the core goal of SWaT Research Centre strategy. Prof. Moore led the development of the 2018 HSE National Wound Care Guidelines and is an expert advisor for the Global Guidelines on Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management.

We welcome correspondence from policy makers. Please contact us.