Delfina Mancebo

I'm a second year Graduate Entry Medicine student here at RCSI. I arrived in Ireland from the USA and now live on the northside of Dublin near the Jameson Distillery with seven roommates. I am a part of a few societies at RCSI and have been class representative for the past two years.

I really enjoy eating out with friends and having coffee dates with my friends, so, when I budget, I try my best to make sure I leave enough aside for those activities. When I grocery shop, I make sure to be conscious of my spending and focus on the essentials so I can treat myself later on.

This week, I am studying for my final exams, so my normal routine is a bit different than usual. I still managed to do a few fun things, however – I celebrated Eid with my roommates and went to the cinema.

  • Programme: Graduate Entry Medicine (Year 2) 
  • Living quarters: Smithfield/Stoneybatter, Dublin 7

Monthly expenses

Rent: €1,100 for a single room in a eight-person apartment (student accommodation).

Number of housemates: Seven.

Transport: During classes, approx. €50 student Leap Card top-up; during placement approx. €100 Leap Card top-up.

Household bills: Included in rent.

Phone bill: €20 for unlimited data.

Groceries: €90-100.

Subscriptions: €0.99 iCloud 50GB storage, Netflix and Spotify (family account).

Budget breakdown

  • 9am: My alarm goes off and I start getting ready. I need to buy groceries today, so I don’t have to worry about food when I am studying. I buy groceries at Lidl, making sure to have snacks (€55.44).
  • 10am: I head to RCSI to study.
  • 7pm: It is time to order for my apartment’s Eid celebration – our roommate wanted to eat Indian food, so we decided on a takeaway order (€32.63).

Total: €88.07

  • 8am: I wake up and get changed to go to the gym.
  • 5.30pm: I take a study break and walk around outside to get some fresh air. I went to a Brazilian café to get a pão de queijo and a sandwich (€16).

Total: €16

  • 8am: Once again I get up and head to the gym.
  • 10am: I visit campus for an appointment at Mercer's Medical Centre.
  • 11am: I make a quick stop to get some bubble tea as I walk back home from campus (€4.80).

Total: €4.80

  • Nothing too exciting today – I stay home and prepare meals.

Total: €0

  • I study and cook some of my food today – starting to run low on snacks, though!

Total: €0

  • 8am: Wake up with my alarm and get changed to go to the gym.
  • 12pm: I decide to go to RCSI to study.
  • 9pm: I decide to make a visitto the cinema (€10.74).

Total: €10.74

  • 8am: As usual, I get changed to go to the gym.
  • 11am: After the gym workout, I head to RCSI to study.
  • 1pm: I go to Lidl to stock up on some items that I am running out of (€26.49).

Total: €26.49

Weekly total: €146.10