Quality Enhancement

RCSI Bahrain has achieved external quality assurance from the Bahrain Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA), the Higher Education Council of Bahrain (HEC) and through its links with RCSI in Dublin. The most recent institutional review by the BQA placed the University in the top category for its level of achievement in the fields of governance, management and teaching.

As a testament of RCSI Bahrain meeting all the quality assurance requirements, the University received full accreditation by the HEC in February 2019 for a four-year period and obtained approval from the BQA in April 2019, for a five-year period.

RCSI Bahrain’s medicine programme has been accredited by the Irish Medical Council since 2014 and its School of Medicine is included in the World Directory of Medical Schools and placed on the International Association of Universities’ ‘List of Universities of the World’ (UNESCO). Additionally, the RCSI Bahrain nursing and postgraduate programmes are recognised and placed on the National Qualifications Framework of Bahrain (NQF).

RCSI Bahrain is also a member of the Association of Arab Universities and is officially recognised by the Governments of Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, UK, Canada, Oman and California. The University is also an associate member of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE).