Congratulations to all who are due to graduate.

Your Conferring is a day of great joy and a celebration of achievement that will stay with you for the rest of your lives. It is a culmination of hard work and dedication and it is a wonderful tribute to reach this important milestone.

The Conferring Ceremonies are one of the highlights of the academic year and the Faculty and staff in RCSI Bahrain take great satisfaction and pride in your success.

We are delighted to welcome your parents, family, friends and supporters to celebrate this occasion who are justifiably proud of your achievements. Please read the below instructions carefully in order to complete your clearance and conferring registration.

May we once more congratulate you and wish you every success for the future.

Online registration for this event is now open. If you plan on attending, please register your attendance before 5pm, Thursday 7th November 2019.

Registratio0n Link

The number of guest tickets provided for each Conferring is based on the number of graduands and the location of the Conferring Ceremony. The number is set based on the size of the Conferring Hall due to capacity restrictions. For the November conferring, each graduand is entitled to 3 tickets.

Each guest must produce a ticket to enter the Conferring Hall.


Extra Tickets

Extra tickets can be requested at the time of registering by filling out the additional ticket request section on the online form. Please be advised, by requesting extra tickets it does not guarantee they will be available.

Graduands who require extra tickets will be included in a waiting list and the tickets will be allocated on a first come basis.

Unfortunately it is not possible to confirm if you have been successful until all graduands have confirmed their attendance. Notification may be only provided the week of the Conferring.


Ticket Collection

  • Medicine and Nursing Graduands will received their tickets upon completing clearance.
  • FFD,MFD, FRCSI and MRCSI graduands will receive a Conferring programme on the conferring day, which will contain the guest tickets at registration.
  • MSc Healthcare Management and MSc Quality & Safety in Healthcare Management graduands can receive their tickets from the IOL office prior to the ceremony upon receiving an email from the department.

MSc Healthcare Management and MSc Quality & Safety in Healthcare Management

Graduands from the above two programmes must contact Dr Ronald Joseph (email and Ext) for gown collection and deposit payment



RCSI provide the academic dress for the Conferring Ceremonies of Fellows, Members & Diplomates free of charge. Gowns will be provided on your arrival to RCSI for registration and must be returned immediately after the ceremony.

Graduands and guests are invited to the Conferring venue 1hr30mins in advance of the ceremony commencement time.

It is important that graduands attend at least 1hr prior to ensure there is ample time for registration and gowning. This time also provides an opportunity to have photographs taken with the Conferring photographer.



At registration graduands will be provided with a Conferring programme, contained within the programme will be admittance tickets for guests. Guests will be ushered to their seats on their arrival to the Conferring hall.

Graduands will be allocated a seat number which will be outlined on the front cover of their Conferring Programme; this number signifies the order in which you will be presented with your parchment.


Conferring Hall

When graduands have taken their seats the academic procession will enter the Conferring Hall. Following an introduction the Conferring Ceremony will be declared open.

At this time, graduands will be asked to stand and form a line to the side of the Conferring Hall by a member of RCSI Bahrain staff. Graduands will be invited to the platform individually to receive their parchments and will then descend back to their seat using the opposite side of the stage.

When all graduands have received their parchment, the Conferring Ceremony will be declared closed and speeches will then take place.


Please note the following:

  • Guests will not be permitted to enter the Conferring Hall without being registered.
  • Children under the age of 5 are not permitted to attend the Conferring Ceremony.


Conferring Schedule

8:30 am Registration and Gowning

1st Floor

The Hub

9:30 am Candidates take their places in the allocated seats for final cross check

Ground floor
The Hub

10:00 am Conferring Ceremony

Ground floor
The Hub

11:00 am (approx.) Group Photo

Ground floor
The Hub

11:15 am

Gown Returns


Contact details

For queries in relation to the Conferring Ceremony please contact

When will I receive my guest tickets?

Guest tickets will be placed inside your Conferring programme which you will receive at registration.


Do graduands require a ticket?


Graduands will be allocated a seat number which will be displayed on the front cover of their Conferring programme. The number provided signifies the order in which graduands are called to the platform to receive their parchments.


Can I request extra tickets?


Extra tickets can be requested at the time of registering your attendance using the online facility. The requests will be then added to a waiting list and if successful, confirmation will be provided. Please be advised, it may be the week of the Conferring before confirmation is available. We must ensure all attending graduands receive equal amount of tickets before additional can be allocated.


If I am unable to collect my gown during the designated time, can I collect my gown on the day of the Conferring?



Is there access for people with special needs?


Please notify the Conferring team via email in advance of the Conferring week, we will then ensure there is a suitable location reserved within the Conferring Hall.


What happens if I cannot attend my Conferring? (Medicine and Nursing graduands only)

If you are unable to attend your Conferring you will be conferred 'in absentia'

You will be still required to register through email by selecting the award you will be receiving along with the 'in absentia' option.

Please note, if you select the 'in absentia' option you will automatically be removed from the attending list. If you wish to amend your registration, please ensure you notify the Conferring team as soon as possible.

If you opt to be conferred 'in absentia' you will receive your parchment in the post in the days following the Conferring.