Medical Commencement Programme

School of Medicine

Programme details


On completion of the programme, students will receive a Certificate in Biomedical Sciences from the National University of Ireland, which is a Special Purpose Award at level 6 of the Irish National Framework of Qualifications.


The MCP comprises 12 modules run over two semesters, including Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Fundamental Sciences Laboratories and either English for Medical Studies or Research. In addition, students undertake Third Level Learning (semester 1) and Communications (semester 2). Teaching methods vary according to the requirements of each module, but typically include lectures, tutorials, workshops, group and individual work and self-directed learning and are characterised by small class sizes.

First semester

  • Introduction to General Physics I
  • Introduction to Human Biology I
  • Introduction to General Chemistry I
  • Fundamental Sciences Laboratories I
  • English Medical Studies I/Introduction to Research I
  • Third Level Learning

Second semester

  • Introduction to General Physics II
  • Introduction to Human Biology II
  • Introduction to General Chemistry II
  • Fundamental Sciences Laboratories II
  • English Medical Studies II/Introduction to Research II
  • Communications: Culture and Community Context