Funding Impactful Ageing Research: An International Perspective

  • Date: 22 November 2019
  • Time: 13:00 - 14:00
  • Category: Research 
  • Location: Albert Lecture Theatre RCSI, 123 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2

RCSI will host Professor David Baxter, Founding Director of the Ageing Well National Science Challenge, on Friday, 22 November 2019 to discuss 'Funding Impactful Ageing Research: An International Perspective'.

Professor David Baxter – from the Division of Health Sciences in University of Otago, New Zealand – is the Founding Director of the Ageing Well National Science Challenge.

The Ageing Well Challenge seeks to address the problems of ageing by bringing together research collaborators across a broad range of science disciplines, looking at five interlocking objectives:

  • Value older people in all settings
  • Maintain wellness, independence and autonomy
  • Promote social integration and engagement
  • Reduce disability and the impact of disability
  • Enhance age-friendly environment

These strands incorporate work to push back the disability threshold by optimising brain and body health, and social and physical environments for older people. Prof. Baxter’s lecture will provide a valuable insight into the Challenge’s work and development over the past five years since its launch.

Please contact the RCSI School of Physiotherapy if you require more details on this event.