Perspectives on the Role of the RNID and Evolving Developments – Seminar 3

  • Date: 16 June 2021
  • Time: 11:00 - 12:15
  • Category: General events 
  • Location: Online

Seminar 3 – 'Perspectives on the role of the RNID and evolving developments: Adults'


  • To be confirmed

About the series

The Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, in partnership with the Nurse Managers Association for Intellectual Disability, present a series of free seminars to exchange, share and celebrate the expertise of the registered nurse intellectual disability (RNID).

The art and science that underpins the role of the RNID is key in supporting children and adults who have an intellectual disability, many of whom have diverse and complex needs. Their proficiency in nursing involves improving health outcomes, addressing health inequalities and supporting people to make reasonable adjustments across the lifespan.

The valuable and dedicated role of the RNID is recognised in the HSE 2018 publication 'Shaping the Future of Intellectual Disability Nursing in Ireland'. This strategy drives forward the agenda cementing the future role of intellectual disability nursing and highlights the critical need for highly-skilled, competent intellectual disability nursing care across the lifespan of individuals with an intellectual disability.

In recognition of this, the Faculty and the Nurse Managers Association for Intellectual Disability have come together to strengthen the voice of the RNID. In keeping with the pillars underpinning the strategy, we aim to raise the profile of the RNID, whilst recognising the challenges of both recruiting and retaining competent and skilled registered nurses within intellectual disability services.

We invite you to join us in showcasing the key role of the RNID in achieving excellence as part of today’s modernised integrated health and social care model. Their role in the delivery of a person-centred and holistic approach is essential in not only underpinning and driving the delivery of safe person-centred high-quality nursing care, but also in strengthening and developing nursing practice.


    • Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI): 1CEU
    • RCSI Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery: 1CNMEU

    This series consists of three seminars. Click here to register for any of the seminars in the series.  

    Seminar 1: 28 April 2021

    An overview of the changes in the professional role of the RNID: Updates from the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK

    Seminar 2: 26 May 2021

    Perspectives on the role of the RNID and evolving developments: Children

    Seminar 3: 16 June 2021

    Perspectives on the role of the RNID and evolving developments: Adults 

    All seminars take place from 11.00am-12.15pm.