RCSI launches 2023-2025 Arts Strategy

  • General news

RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences has launched a new Arts Strategy aimed at further enhancing the role of art in enriching the learning environment at the university.

The strategy has been developed by the RCSI Art Committee which oversees the care, development, interpretation of, and engagement with the RCSI Art Collection.

It sets out a number of priorities including facilitating access to and increasing audiences for the art collection; developing and evolving RCSI’s own understanding of art; and revealing and interpreting the legacy of RCSI’s existing art collection.

Art and science

The strategy will support the university in unlocking curiosity and creative thinking among RCSI students by exploring the intersection of art and science in curricula and in reflecting the diversity of the student population in its art collection and programming.

Ms Aine Gibbons, Director of Development at RCSI and Chair of the RCSI Art Committee, said: “RCSI has a deep understanding of and appreciation for role of art in medicine and wellbeing. We also believe that art can enrich the learning environment for our students and bring our community together. This strategy will build on the progress made over the last number of years which has greatly advanced the RCSI collection.”

“I extend my grateful appreciation to the internal and external members of the Art Committee who have led on this important work,” added Ms Gibbons.

The place of art

The Art Committee has led on several significant initiatives aimed at bolstering the place of art within RCSI, including the awarding of five RCSI Art Awards since 2016, commissioning two new President portraits, a complete inventory of the Art Collection and introducing best proactive for hanging.

The Committee has also led on three significant commissions: Women on Walls in 2019, the Cameron Award sculpture by Jason Ellis in 2020 and sculpture busts of Florence Nightingale and Elizabeth O’Farrell by John Rainey in 2022.