The RCSI Continuous Professional Development Support Scheme (CPD-SS) enables those enrolled to achieve the minimum of 20 external CPD credits per annum.

These credits can be used to help meet the requirements outlined by the Irish Medical Council regarding the maintenance of professional competence. As of May 2011, doctors are legally obliged to maintain their professional competence by enrolling in professional competence schemes and following requirements set by the Medical Council.

Note: Enrolment will open on Monday, 13 December and close on 31 January 2022. NCHDs already enrolled with CPD-SS for 2021-2022 do not need to enrol again.


Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to enrol in the CPD-SS, you must:

  • be enrolled in the relevant professional competence scheme applicable to your specialty and area of practice as required by law;
  • hold a current NCHD contract;
  • work within the public health service;
  • not be enrolled in an intern training programme under the auspices of an Intern Training Network or a specialist training programme under the auspices of the one of the Irish postgraduate training bodies; and
  • be registered on the General Division or Supervised Division of the Register of Medical Practitioners maintained by the Medical Council.

Further details regarding eligibility can be found in the HSE guidance document.

Enrol now

For a quick demonstration on how to enrol with CPD-SS, watch the video below.

Watch the video