Personal statements

To complete your application you may be required to submit a personal statement detailing your experience and interest in the RCSI course you wish to apply for.

Submission of a personal statement offers the opportunity to shed more light on your personality, character and suitability for the course you are applying to. The information we are looking for should add clarity, richness and meaning to the information you have already provided in your application.

Please note
Irish and EU applicants are only required to complete a personal statement if applying for:

  • Mature Entry Medicine.
  • Graduate/Mature or Pharmacy Technician Entry to Pharmacy.
  • Graduate or Mature Entry Physiotherapy.
  • Students applying for the Aim High Medicine Scholarship, Consilio Manuque Medicine Scholarship and/or Kiran Pathak Pharmacy Scholarship – a personal statement of approximately 500 words is required as part of each application.

Irish and EU School Leavers applying for Medicine, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy or Advanced Therapeutic Technologies via the CAO do not complete a personal statement. Similarly, Irish and EU Graduates applying for Graduate Entry Medicine via the CAO do not complete a personal statement.

All non-EU applicants are required to complete a two-page personal statement as part of the RCSI application process.

Preparing your statement

Take your time in preparing your statement and think about what you would like to write about, how you would like to come across but, most importantly, be honest when writing it.

What you should cover:

  • Include your name and where you are from; detail how your background and experiences have shaped you as a person.
  • Tell us why are you applying to RCSI and for your chosen course.
  • Articulate your understanding of life as an RCSI student and as a professional in your chosen career path.
  • Why do you think you are suitable for your chosen course? Do you have any particular skills that will help you succeed?
  • Have you taken part in any activities or volunteer activities that support your interest and commitment to the course?
  • Think of any achievements you are proud of, positions of responsibility that you hold or have held, both in and out of school, and attributes that make you unique and special.
  • Make a list of all your hobbies, interests and social activities. Think about how they demonstrate your personality, skills and abilities, and how they may strengthen your application.
  • Include details of jobs, work experiences and volunteer activities, particularly if they are relevant to your chosen course.
  • If you are a Mature or Graduate student, elaborate on your CV and life experiences since you left school. Have you, for instance, been working, carrying out research or completing a postgraduate course?

Top tips

There is no fixed structure or formula you should follow but here are some simple tips to assist you:

  • Start early: allow time for reflection, preparation and revision.
  • Structure your statement to contain: a general introduction to yourself; body text to reflect your experiences, skills, interests and qualities; and a conclusion to reinforce your commitment to your chosen course and your enthusiasm about joining RCSI.
  • Use a natural style, presenting your ideas in a structured and meaningful manner.
  • Proofread and edit until you are happy that the structure, grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct.

We recommend you keep your text to a maximum of two pages, with double line spacing throughout.

A recorded session on personal statements and admissions interviews advice with Dr Kenny Winser, Academic Director of Admissions at RCSI is available below.

Personal Statements and Admissions Interview Advice with Dr Kenny Winser