School directory

Our faculty consists of Irish, local and international experts equipped to inspire the next generation of nursing and healthcare leaders.

Dr Hussain Ali Nasaif,

Director for BSc (Hons) Bridging

Dr Eman Ahmed Tawash,

Director for BSc (Hons) Nursing

Ms Maryam Darwish Yaqoob,

Year 1 – Level Director

Ms Danah Ahmed Smith,

Year 3 – Level Director

Ms Sumaya Amralla Faraj,

Year 4 – Level Director

Dr May McCreaddie,

Senior Lecturer in Nursing

Dr Ann Donohoe,

Senior Lecturer in Nursing

Dr Maryam Alaradi,

Lecturer in Nursing

Eman Fateel,

Lecturer in Nursing

Dr Vishnu Renjith,

Lecturer in Nursing

Victoria Ham,

Community Outreach Manager