Ibn Al-Baitar Clinical Simulation Centre

Named after the Muslim Scholar, Ahmad Ibn Al-Baitar, in honour of his contributions to the fields of medicine, pharmacy, physics and science, the Ibn Al-Baitar Clinical Simulation Centre is designed to replicate a hospital setting, with the aim of offering RCSI Bahrain’s early-year medicine and nursing students a safe, challenging and interactive training environment.

Our facility uses the latest technology available in simulated clinical learning, which is at the core of our undergraduate teaching. The technology allows students to learn the necessary skills in a safe environment.

The facility features two four-bedded bays, an intensive care area and a maternity area, debriefing rooms, a control room and changing rooms for the students. Scotia Medical Observation and Training System (SMOTS) cameras are installed to allow recording and playback of sessions as well as one-way glass to allow viewing of all areas from the control room.

The clinical simulation centre is equipped with mannequins that can behave like real people and respond to different treatments. They can lose blood, deliver babies, have heart attacks, and do things that simulate real-life scenarios.

When students are working in the centre, they are required to behave as if they are in a real hospital; in terms of practice, communication and professionalism with peers and patients.