Student Development and Wellbeing

The Department of Student Development and Wellbeing is made up of the Centre for Student Success and the Student Health and Wellbeing Unit.

The Centre for Student Success (CSS)

The CSS provides a wide variety of learning and support resources and services in a comfortable, informal, friendly and student-driven space. All RCSI Bahrain students are welcome and encouraged to use the facility to relax and network with peers; study, consult science and anatomy models; meet with learning tutors and seek support, guidance and help.

The Centre focuses on the two main objectives of drop-in learning and personal and professional development. Full-time learning tutors are available for study skills, language and science learning support. Students can drop in for an informal chat or request an individual or group meeting. Tutors organise regular revision and learning support sessions, as well as academic student events and many other informal learning activities and competitions throughout the year.

In addition, the facility provides opportunities for students' personal and professional development, such as funding for research and participation in academic conferences and Model United Nations (MUN) programmes; leadership programmes; skills workshops and the Student Exchange Programme.

The Student Health and Wellbeing Unit

The Student Health and Wellbeing Unit looks after the psycho-social aspects of student life - including integration and wellness - as well as supporting those with disabilities. We understand that studying medicine and nursing can be challenging at times, and the university is committed to enabling students to perform to the best of their abilities. Services provided by the Student Welfare Officer and the Occupational Health Officer include confidential counselling, referral to an external counsellor, medical screening and vaccinations, and health and lifestyle guidance.

Students must read important policies such as Exceptional Circumstances and Reasonable Accommodation that can provide support with studies during difficult times. Students should let the Student Health and Wellbeing Unit know as soon as possible if there are any medical or other issues, circumstances or problems which may prevent successful academic performance. Where possible, assistance will be offered and information will be kept confidential.