School of Medicine

What will you study?

RCSI Bahrain's undergraduate medicine programme is designed to give you a thorough knowledge of both the science and art of medicine. We focus on providing the essential knowledge, skills and competencies you need as a practicing doctor, with a strong emphasis on professionalism, ethics and patient safety.

The programme may be taken over five or six years. For the six-year programme, a one-year preparation stage takes place in advance of entry to the core five-year programme. The entry point for each applicant is based on prior academic qualifications and is assessed on an individual basis.

As part of the global RCSI community, undergraduate medicine students at RCSI Bahrain receive the world-respected RCSI curriculum, with the same assessments as those at RCSI in Dublin and the Perdana University-RCSI School of Medicine in Malaysia.

There is a strong emphasis on clinical competence throughout the programme. Students move from a focus on biomedical sciences, through systems, disease and diagnosis to immersion in the clinical environment, with the final two and a half years of the programme based mainly in the clinical sites.