School of Medicine

Why medicine at RCSI Bahrain?

RCSI has been developing healthcare professionals in Ireland for over 230 years. For high school or university graduates who wish to pursue a career in medicine, the RCSI Bahrain undergraduate medicine programme can help to fulfill your ambitions.

Employability and global recognition

Students receive degrees from RCSI Bahrain and the National University of Ireland (NUI), which are recognised around the world and allow graduates to compete for international places.

International reputation and history

Founded on over 230 years of educational excellence, RCSI Bahrain continues to build on the foundations established by RCSI in Dublin in 1784.

Clinical experiences

At RCSI Bahrain, our students are immersed in the clinical setting and experience direct patient contact from the early stages.

Quality of facilities

High-quality teaching and clinical technologies, alongside excellent sports and recreational facilities combine to promote successful academic achievements and a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

Medical research

Founded on the principle of patient care, RCSI Bahrain has put significant resources into developing biomedical and health sciences research relevant to the region.