The Pathology Department’s research objective is to drive and support translational research, in the RCSI hospital group and nationally. We do this by providing technical expertise, specialised histopathological and haematopathology knowledge and clinical interpretation.

In 2020, Head of Department Professor Siobhan Glavey successfully developed a collaboration to begin the study of next generation sequencing (NGS) testing in multiple myeloma. This test allows the detection of minimal residual disease (MRD) post stem cell transplant and is a highly predictive prognostic test in this disease.

The test is a mandated EMA and FDA endpoint in multiple myeloma clinical trials – meaning that large clinical trials overlooked Ireland as a potential site, due to the lack of availability of this test in Ireland for patients. Availability of the test has led to the opening of several new clinical trials at RCSI.

Our laboratory in RCSI focuses on disease mechanisms in multiple myeloma. We also provide technical expertise to a wide range of basic and translational research in RCSI.

We provide consultation and technical support to many research groups throughout RCSI, including the departments of Surgery, Molecular & Cellular Therapeutics, and Molecular Medicine. We have also provided support to collaborative researchers in Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin and Queen’s University Belfast, as well as industry partners OncoMark and Nuritas.