Teaching and education

A basic science pathology module is regarded as key to understanding the basic mechanisms of disease that underlie medicine and surgery. The RCSI Pathology Department aims to provide a relevant, clinically-based pathology course that allows students to recognise the value of pathology, including molecular pathology, to their understanding of medicine.

Our course enables students to apply their pathology knowledge to the clinical presentation of disease, its progression and complications, prognosis and predicted response to therapy. Students are also taught to understand how to use appropriate laboratory tests and interpret their results.

We provide postgraduate training in pathology in RCSI and Beaumont Hospital and in Bahrain. This training programme is linked to the north Dublin rotation programme and is accredited by the RCPI. Special tutorials are provided for non-consultant hospital doctors participating in postgraduate professional examinations.

We follow a hybrid approach to education. Our pathology programme includes lectures, small group teaching sessions in the format of clinicopathological conference teaching, tutorial and clinical laboratory sessions. Additionally, an online learning module is available to all students. This includes tutorials, slide and gross images and self-assessment.

In addition to teaching undergraduate medicine students, we also teach trainee pathologists and give some lectures to physiotherapy students. Some members of the department provide extensive postgraduate teaching in pathology at seminars worldwide.

Students are encouraged to ask questions and participate in interactive teaching sessions in a supportive environment. All teaching is provided by medically trained staff, many of whom have postgraduate qualifications in medicine and surgery and other disciplines.

Continuous assessment is a crucial part of learning and development. Student evaluation on the pathology programme includes MCQs and short note questions.