Academic programmes

Professional Diploma in Positive Health

The Professional Diploma in Positive Health programme is a part-time blended learning, 30-credit programme delivered at level 9 of the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

The programme is designed to educate health and allied professionals and those working in education, wellbeing and other relevant sectors in the rapidly developing area of positive health.

Designed to increase participants’ understanding of lifestyle and integrative approaches to medicine and healthcare, the programme is suitable for healthcare professionals and other professional groups such as teachers, lawyers and managers who need to develop an understanding of positive health and wellbeing.

The programme consists of three modules:

  • Emerging approaches to health, healthcare and wellbeing.
  • Prevention, treatment and sustainability in health and healthcare.
  • Positive health in practice.

MSc in Positive Health Coaching

The MSc in Positive Health Coaching programme is a two-year, part-time academic programme delivered using a blended approach of digital and on campus learning and is suitable for healthcare and allied health professionals that have experience in coaching, mentoring or management.

This programme will provide the skills and knowledge to:

  • Acquire a systematic understanding of knowledge of the foundational scientific principles that underpin lifestyle medicine, positive psychology and positive approaches to healthcare.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to critically evaluate and apply emerging positive health interventions using an evidence-informed approach.
  • Critically appraise a selection of relevant current literature, synthesise judgements on scientific validity and best practice based on available evidence and reflect on the implications for one’s own understanding and application.
  • Examine and be able to articulate the importance of ethics and integrity in coaching practice.