Academic programmes

Discover a diverse range of academic programmes at the Centre for Positive Health Sciences (CPHS), meticulously crafted to accommodate individuals from diverse backgrounds. Our curriculum spans lifestyle medicine, workplace health and well-being, positive health, positive psychology, and positive coaching, ensuring a holistic approach to personal and professional development. 

Explore our courses below, or feel free to contact us here for personalised assistance. 

Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine

Welcome to the Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine, a dynamic 10-ECTS module spanning 10 weeks of enriching exploration. Designed for self-guided progression, this course empowers participants to seamlessly advance through each segment and accompanying quiz, fostering a flexible learning experience. With this approach, individuals may potentially complete the course in a shorter timeframe, tailored to their pace. 

Priced at €995 and delivered entirely online, this module offers an accessible avenue to dive into the realm of lifestyle medicine. By delving into fundamental aspects of human biology, participants can cultivate a robust understanding of how lifestyle choices impact health and well-being. 

If you do not come from a healthcare background, this module serves as an invaluable pathway to the Masters in Positive Health Coaching. Embark on this journey to augment your knowledge and expertise in lifestyle medicine, laying the groundwork for a fulfilling career in positive health and wellness. 

Next intake: Summer 2024 

For more information on this course please visit the course page here 

Professional Diploma in Leading Workplace Health and Well-being

The Professional Diploma in Leading Workplace Health and Well-being is a prestigious Level 9 programme comprising three comprehensive 10-ECTS modules spanning over nine months. Priced at €5,895, this diploma equips participants with the knowledge and skills to spearhead initiatives that prioritise employee well-being and enhance organisational health. 

Utilising a blended delivery approach, our course seamlessly integrates online content, pre-recorded webinars, live webinars and an onsite day in Module 2, ensuring a dynamic and immersive learning experience. The modules progress sequentially, with continuous assessment fostering a thorough understanding of the material. 

Designed for a diverse range of professionals including human resources practitioners, workplace wellness coordinators, individuals within the healthcare sector, corporate settings, and educational institutions, this diploma empowers participants to lead the charge in fostering a culture of well-being within their respective organisations. 

Embark on this transformative journey to gain the expertise and credentials needed to drive positive change and create thriving, healthy workplaces. 

Next intake: Autumn 2024 

Learn more about our Professional Diploma in Leading Workplace Health and Well-being programme here.

Professional Diploma in Positive Health

The Professional Diploma in Positive Health is a Level 9 programme crafted to equip participants with essential knowledge and skills in fostering whole-person health and well-being. Spanning nine months and comprising three comprehensive 10-ECTS modules, this diploma is priced at €5,895 and offers a transformative learning experience. 

Utilising a blended delivery method, our course integrates online content, pre-recorded webinars, and live webinars to provide a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Modules progress sequentially, with continuous assessment ensuring a thorough grasp of the material. 

Tailored for healthcare professionals, workplace wellness coordinators, and practitioners across diverse sectors including corporate and education settings, this diploma serves as a foundational cornerstone in Positive Health. It offers invaluable insights into holistic approaches to health and well-being, making it ideal for those seeking to deepen their understanding of this essential field. 

Whether you come from a healthcare background or not, this diploma serves as an excellent pathway to the Masters in Positive Health Coaching. Designed to broaden participants’ understanding of lifestyle and integrative approaches to medicine and healthcare, it caters to professionals from various disciplines seeking to cultivate expertise in positive health and well-being. Embark on this transformative journey to elevate your practice and contribute to a healthier, more vibrant world. 

Next intake: Autumn 2024 

Learn more about our Professional Diploma in Positive Health programme here.

MSc in Positive Health Coaching

The Masters in Positive Health Coaching is an esteemed Level 9 programme designed to empower participants with advanced knowledge and skills in the transformative field of positive health. Spanning two years part-time and comprising eight modules totalling 90 ECTS credits, this comprehensive programme is priced at €12,900. 

Utilising a blended delivery approach, our course seamlessly integrates online content, pre-recorded webinars, live webinars, and onsite days, ensuring a rich and immersive learning experience. Modules progress sequentially, with continuous assessment fostering a deep understanding of the material. 

Tailored for healthcare professionals, coaches, individuals in leadership roles, and those with a basic understanding of human biology, this programme offers a holistic approach to health and well-being. By delving into advanced topics in positive health coaching, participants gain the expertise needed to drive meaningful change in their personal and professional lives. 

As an added benefit, graduates have the opportunity to apply for the EMCC - European Mentoring and Coaching Council coaching accreditation, further enhancing their credentials and professional standing. 

Embark on this transformative journey to become a catalyst for positive change, equipped with the knowledge and skills to empower others toward a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Next intake: Autumn 2024 

Learn more about our MSc in Positive Health Coaching programme here.

PhD options

There are two main routes to a PhD available for interested candidates to conducting their Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at the Centre for Positive Health Science in RCSI.

We currently do not have any availability for new researchers at this time but please feel free to express your interest for future research opportunities here.

Each unique structured Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) project is carried out over a minimum of three years and a maximum of six years (full-time).

Within this time you will be guided through your research project with the support of your supervisors and the RCSI School of Postgraduate Studies. You will also complete four research modules.

To be considered eligible for the programme, you must:

  • Have an upper second class (2.1) honours degree (or equivalent) in a relevant subject, or;
    MB/BAO/BCh degrees, or;
    • an MSc degree in a relevant subject.
  • Have an RCSI supervisor with whom you have agreed the topic of your thesis and the logistical details for your candidature (e.g. start date, location for initial research training, etc.).

Two examples are: 

Professional Doctorate (Positive Health) 

If you are a healthcare professional with a record of leadership in nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy or positive health, our StAR Professional Doctorate programmes offer you the opportunity to make a positive impact on your professional area of expertise and progress your career, all while remaining in practice.

These programmes blend the practical skills you demonstrate in the workplace with training in advanced research skills and methodology, data analysis, research ethics and leadership; culminating in a research thesis which will make an original contribution to knowledge or practice in your profession.

The programmes are designed as multi-modal, allowing for remote and in-person learning. There will be a series of tutorials, workshops, lectures and online resources that enable flexible learning as well as required on campus days at RCSI’s St Stephen’s Green campus for specific one-day workshops.

Year 1 is designed to teach you the skills you will need to complete your research thesis. You will complete four modules:

  • Advanced Research Methods
  • Research Ethics and Integrity
  • Systematic Review for Evidence Appraisal and Synthesis
  • Leadership Development

At the end of your first year you will submit a full research proposal which you will design with your RCSI supervisor.

To be considered for this programme you must:

  • Have at least five years' professional experience at a senior level as a nurse, pharmacist, physiotherapist or professional working in the area of positive health.
  • Be registered with a relevant professional body (where applicable).
  • Have an upper second class (2.1) Honours degree (or equivalent) or an MSc degree.

SPHeRE programme

The SPHeRE programme provides a key infrastructure to support health research in Ireland through a unique and innovative PhD programme funded by the Health Research Board (HRB).

This programme is expanding Ireland’s capacity to conduct population health and health services research and maximise its translation into policy and practice. The SPHeRE PhD programme provides a comprehensive set of capacity building and training activities to scholars.

These activities are organised around expert-led, independent, and peer-led learning processes. These core approaches to teaching and learning underpin the different stages of the PhD journey.

More information

There are other options available, such as RCSI funded projects and self-funded options. Find more details on all PhD by research options here.

You can also find further information on funding opportunities here.

Researchers who have published their own original research, which examiners deem has made a significant contribution to knowledge, can obtain a PhD award in recognition of this work when it is presented in the form of a coherent thesis and successfully assessed in a viva voce examination.

In order to be eligible for a PhD award by Prior Publication you must:

  • Be a research-active member of RCSI staff (at any of our campuses), an RCSI Honorary Appointment, RCSI Trainee, Member, Fellow, or an RCSI Alum.
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • Have been actively engaged in medical or health sciences research for a period of at least five years within the last 10 years at an organisation that has a recognised research function.
  • Have published a minimum of five original research papers in journals ranked Q1 in their relevant fields in the ten years prior to the date of application for admission.
  • Be senior author (first or last author) on all five research papers.

You can find more details on PhD by Prior Publication at RCSI here.