Academic programmes

The Centre recently launched the Professional Diploma in Positive Health.

The programme is: 

  • A new part-time blended learning, 30-credit programme delivered at Level 9 of the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ)
  • Designed to educate health and allied professionals in the rapidly developing area of positive health
  • Suitable for healthcare professionals and other professional groups such as teachers, lawyers and managers who need to develop an understanding of positive health and wellbeing
  • Designed to increase participants’ understanding of lifestyle and integrative approaches to medicine and healthcare
  • Designed to help participants integrate new research findings from the fields of positive psychology and positive organisational scholarship into their understanding and practice.

The programme consists of three modules:

  • Emerging approaches to health, healthcare and wellbeing
  • Prevention, treatment and sustainability in health and healthcare
  • Positive health in practice.