International network

The Medical Professionalism International Network (MPIN) specialises in education and research in the field of medical professionalism with a specific emphasis on professionalism for practice.

The MPIN is currently establishing a network of members consisting academic and healthcare institutions and individual experts to promote and facilitate multi and interdisciplinary research in the area of medical professionalism.

The overarching objective to this agreement is enable academic and healthcare institutions to engage with individual experts and teams to promote, facilitate and participate in patient focused research under the auspices of MPIN.

Benefits for network members

  • Interactions between the MPIN and network members which will foster cross fertilisation of basic concepts of clinical needs –  this in turn could lead to the development of new therapeutic approaches, diagnostics, as well as improved health outcomes and service delivery.
  • Greater opportunities to develop research profiles and to translate clinical research into clinical practice.
  • Increased ability to support and undertake research with an academic institution.
  • The chance to engage with clinical experts in the area of medical professionalism, healthcare and industry partners and funding agencies.
  • Engagement and communication mechanisms to ensure research involving the MPIN and network members is planned and delivered in a coordinated, informed and effective manner, according to international best practice.

Join the network

To apply for the MPIN, download and complete the form below.

All applications should be sent via email to

RCSI Medical Professionalism International Network agreement PDF | 404.5 KB