RCSI Library is committed to the provision of an excellent library and information service in accordance with our mission statement: ‘We endeavour to empower the RCSI community in its mission to enhance human health by providing easy access to best available biomedical information resources, supported by quality services and an excellent team.’

We believe it is important to:

  • Provide a high-quality, relevant library and information service;
  • Ensure we have a skilled team, providing a professional service;
  • Find out what our users need and seek to provide it effectively;
  • Communicate with our users about the services we provide; and
  • Welcome feedback from a variety of channels.

Our Charter sets out our commitments to you and how you can work with us to ensure a successful library experience. Our Charter is reviewed every two years.

  • We aim to ensure that all users have access to appropriate library services, supports, information and facilities, in accordance with Library Membership and College Access, Disability and Equality policies.
  • We appreciate diversity within our user population and aim to accommodate this within our operations and procedures.
  • Users can contact the Library Services Desks in person, by phone and email
  • Our website provides access to all of our electronic resources – databases and e-journals, our library catalogue, user guides, information about the library and its services, and details of information skills events.
  • We publicise our opening hours and services clearly and ensure any changes are clearly communicated to you.
  • For material not held in our collections, we provide a fee-based document supply service charged according to publisher royalty and copyright fees. 
  • We provide a collection of relevant, up-to-date and accessible resources which support your learning, research and teaching requirements.
  • We aim to provide access to e-books, e-journals and online databases, where possible, to meet your needs, and we will provide the maximum access possible to these services.
  • We select resources based on best practice models and standards and we work with our academic colleagues and students to ensure the most appropriate material is acquired by the Library.
  • We provide access to valuable RCSI archival material and rare book collections via our Heritage Collections.
  • We promote access to, and usage of the institutional repository of RCSI, an open-access resource for the collation and dissemination of the research and scholarly output of the College. 
  • Our staff provide a warm, courteous and helpful service every time we engage with you.
  • We ensure your query is looked after (or referred) as soon as possible by a staff member who has the knowledge and authority to deal with it.
  • We respond promptly and proactively to your query, comment or feedback.
  • We use clear and simple language that addresses the issue directly. 

We provide timely, clear and accurate information about Library Services through:

  • We ensure you have a clean, secure and comfortable environment which aids study and research, in accordance with RCSI Estates/Buildings Services and Beaumont Hospital General Services Department policies.
  • We provide designated areas for group, individual and ‘quiet' study, and ensure these areas are equipped with the appropriate technology to meet your requirements.
  • In conjunction with the RCSI IT Department, we provide printing and photocopying facilities in the library.
  • We promote our Library policies in relation to noise, food and drink and behaviour and act promptly where we see evidence that policies are being infringed. 
  • As required by the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003, your personal details are secure within our systems, and we will not pass your personal details to anyone else.
  • We request that you use your Student or Staff ID card to gain entry to the Library, and produce it when required by Library staff, in order to ensure that only registered users of the Library may enter and use the resources. 
  • Respect the rights of your fellow Library users by following policies in relation to noise, food and drink and acceptable usage.
  • Treat the Library staff and each other with courtesy.
  • Provide the Library with feedback on your experience in person, via email or by phone.
  • Giving us relevant and accurate information about your information need and requests