Library use policies

RCSI Library is the University’s primary study space and it is a vital asset for all students throughout the year. Students are entitled to the best possible services and study environments and there are a number of measures to support this.

These outline professional behaviours expected of all RCSI students and they also alert students to the fact that non-compliance with these behaviours is considered a breach of the RCSI Code of Conduct and subject to the RCSI Disciplinary Regulations.

Disciplinary action for library users transgressing these policies

Library and security staff may ask offending library users to produce their RCSI identity card. Their name and card number will be recorded and forwarded to the Director of Library Services or their nominee.

Generally, for less serious concerns we will attempt to deal with these on an informal basis. However, if these concerns cannot be resolved informally, the disciplinary procedure may subsequently be invoked.

When using the RCSI Library (26 York Street and Beaumont Hospital sites), we expect you to:

  • Have your ID card with you, to present it when asked by a member of the library or security staff and not let anyone else use it.
  • Keep all details of your library record up-to-date.
  • Return all materials borrowed on time.
  • Pay any fines incurred.

Books, equipment and property

  • Treat books, materials, equipment and furnishings with due care and not mark, deface, damage, steal, hide or destroy any item.
  • Be responsible for your own property and not leave personal belongings unattended.
  • Allow others equal access to library resources – any study place left unattended for 45 minutes or more may be used by another individual. Leave a note stating the date and your time of departure from the study space.
  • Be mindful of copyright and other legislation in respect of electronic resources and photocopying of print resources.

Noise and courtesy

  • Respect the right of others to a suitable study environment.
  • Adhere to the acceptable behaviours for collaborative, quiet and silent study zones in RCSI Library, 26 York Street.
  • Do not engage in any activity nor make noise that disturbs other library customers. Switch off or mute your mobile phone and any other noise-making gadgets or equipment.
  • Treat library and security staff with courtesy and respect when they are carrying out their duties.


  • Only use lidded containers when taking drinks into RCSI Library, 26 York Street.
  • Eat and drink in the Dispensary café space opposite the Library Learning Commons in RCSI Library, 26 York Street and other designated library areas.
  • Eat and drink in the designated spaces outside the RCSI Library Beaumont Hospital.
  • Only bring bottled water into the RCSI Library Beaumont Hospital – no tea, coffee or other beverages are permitted.
  • Dispose of all litter or recycling in the bins provided both inside and outside the libraries.
  • Adhere to the University non-smoking rules and be aware that no alcohol is permitted on the premises.

Health and safety

  • Comply with all requests to vacate the building in a timely and orderly fashion during drills and in an emergency.
  • Observe the use of fire exits and do not block emergency exits.
  • Notify library or security staff of any physical hazard or behaviour that is suspicious or anti-social.


Failure to comply with expected behaviours will be considered a breach of the RCSI Code of Conduct and will be subject to the RCSI Disciplinary Regulations, which may result in one or more sanctions, for example:

  • Suspension or removal of library borrowing privileges.
  • Application of daily, replacement or other fines.
  • Being refused entry to the library.
  • Being asked to leave the library.

Your student identity card is used to distinguish you as a registered student of RCSI who is entitled to use the facilities and services. In the library, your student ID card is used for entry and exit from the building, for book loans and for photocopying and printing.

Your student identity card is the property of the University and is non-transferable. If you are found to be in possession of an ID card not your own, or to have given your student identity card to anybody else, you will be denied access by security staff and the student identity card will be confiscated.

A strict 'no ID – no entry' policy is enforced by security and students will not be admitted to 26 York Street at any time without a current identity card.

In RCSI Library Beaumont Hospital access is with an RCSI identity card or Beaumont Hospital identity card only.

The library is the University’s principal study area and students are entitled to a quiet study environment, as well as space for peer-to-peer learning and collaborative group work.

  • No noise is permitted within the silent study areas of the library.
  • Library and security staff may, at their discretion, ask you to be quiet, or to move elsewhere.
  • Switch mobile phones off or set them to silent mode.
  • Adhere to the acceptable behaviours for library zones in 26 York Street:
    • Collaborate icon: Talking, meeting, phone conversations permitted, e.g. Library Learning Commons, Ground Floor, 26 York Street and all Group Study Rooms (Levels 1 and 2) and the Amphitheatre (Level 2). There is also a Collaborative Zone on Level 2 which switches between the collaborative and silent icons – check the doors when entering to see which icon is displaying.
    • Quiet icon: Short whispered conversations are permitted, e.g. Reading Lounge, Level 1, 26 York Street and the Computer Room, Level 1, 26 York Street.
    • Silent icon: No talking, whispering or noise of any kind permitted, e.g. Silent Study Zone, Level 2, 26 York Street and the Collaborative Zone, Level 2, 26 York Street when the silent icon is on display.
  • Any student who is being disturbed by noise should report, at the time of the disturbance, to library staff on duty.

RCSI Library, 26 York Street

  • Cold food and snacks can be eaten in the following spaces: On the Ground Floor – Library Learning Commons, except at computers; and on Level 1– Library Concourse (outside lifts)
  • No food on display or eating in library space is permitted, other than the designated spaces indicated above.
  • No alcohol of any kind permitted in the library.
  • Drinks in covered/spill-proof containers permitted.
  • Please respect other library users and the library space by ensuring that you place all your rubbish in the bins provided.

RCSI Library, Beaumont Hospital

  • No food, hot or cold, is permitted in the library.
  • Only bottled water is permitted in the library space – no soft drinks, canned drinks, tea, coffee or alcohol of any kind.
  • A café space is available beside the library – this is the only designated area where food may be consumed.

Note: You will be asked to leave the library and consume beverages elsewhere in accordance with Beaumont Hospital General Services Policy.

Security and library staff are authorised to intervene and report anybody transgressing these policies in library sites as a breach of the RCSI Code of Conduct and will be subject to the RCSI Disciplinary Regulations.

To ensure that all available facilities are open to every student, the principle of equal access will be enforced within the library fairly and impartially. 

  • Students leaving seats should ensure that they have placed a bookmark on their desk, indicating the date and the time they have left. Seats can be held for a maximum of 45 minutes from the time they have left.
  • After 45 minutes, other students may use the study space.
  • After 45 minutes, the library team may remove personal items to make the space available for others to use. Materials will be boxed and available for collection at designated locations in 26 York Street.
  • Students who see seats that have been unoccupied for longer than 45 minutes can move belongings aside on the desk and use the space.
  • The library is not responsible for personal items that are moved if a seat has been unoccupied for longer than 45 minutes.
  • The University is not responsible for unattended material.

RCSI Library, in conjunction with the CoMPPAS Learning Access and Facilitation Service, can provide enhanced access to library services to students and other patrons who seek assistance with learning access and facilitation due to their disability, ongoing significant medical condition or learning difficulty.

Students/patrons should in the first instance contact the CoMPPAS team, who will then work with the library and the student to provide a service that is appropriate for you.

In order to ensure that your needs are met in a timely manner, you may wish to request an appointment with the Learning Access and Facilitation Officer. This can be done by calling the CoMPPAS coordinator at +353 1 402 8565 or by emailing