The purpose of the Diploma in Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (DO-HNS) intercollegiate exam is to test the breadth of knowledge, the clinical and communication skills, and the professional attributes considered appropriate by RCSI for a doctor intending to undertake practice within an otolaryngology department in a non-consultant career grade or trainee position.

It is also intended to provide a means of assessment for those who wish to practise within another medical specialty, but who have an interest in the field of otolaryngology and how it interacts with their chosen specialty.

DO-HNS Part 1

This is a written exam that assesses your knowledge of applied basic science and theoretical optics.

Discontinuation of DOHNS Part 1 examination after 2021 – ICBSE statement PDF | 246.4 KB Remote delivery of DO-HNS Part 1 – ICBSE statement PDF | 155.7 KB

Guidance for the remote delivery of the DOH-NS Part 1 examinations

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DO-HNS Part 2 (OSCE)

The DO-HNS OSCE consists of up to 28 active stations – including approximately five stations designed to assess clinical skills, clinical examination, clinical history-taking and communication skills; and a further 23 stations where you are presented with questions to be answered on a written question/answer sheet.

All stations allow for assessment in anatomy and physiology, pathology/histology, audiometry, otology, rhinology, laryngology, neck conditions, written communication skills, radiology, ENT surgical/medical instruments and paediatric ENT surgery. Details on exam regulations can be found on the intercollegiate website.

Update regarding cancellation of February 2021 MRCS Part B and DO-HNS Part 2 PDF | 67.1 KB Announcement regarding DO-HNS Part 2 - October exam dates PDF | 229.9 KB Temporary changes to DO-HNS Part 2 – COVID-19 ICBSE statement PDF | 168.3 KB


Applicants who successfully complete each of the above parts of the exam will be awarded a Diploma of Membership in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. Alternatively, you may wish to undertake the MRCS Part A exam and then take the DO-HNS Part 2 OSCE. If successful, you will receive the award of MRCS (ENT).

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If you have any queries, please contact us at pgexams@rcsi.ie.


Exam results are posted here as soon as they become available. The latest results can be found below.

DO-HNS Part 2 – October 2020 PDF | 393.1 KB DO-HNS Part 2 – March 2020 PDF | 408 KB DO-HNS Part 1 – 13 January 2020 PDF | 391.4 KB DO-HNS Part 2 – October 2019 PDF | 408.7 KB DO-HNS Part 1 – September 2019 PDF | 395.7 KB DO-HNS Part 2 – May 2019 PDF | 392.1 KB DO-HNS Part 1 – April 2019 PDF | 398.5 KB