The dates on the exam calendar are subject to both change and cancellation. RCSI cannot be held liable for any loss incurred by applicants due to necessary timetable changes. You are advised to make an early application as once the quota has been reached no further applications will be accepted; this may be well in advance of the published closing date.

The holding of each exam/course will be contingent on viable applicant numbers. Late applications are not accepted under any circumstances.


You should familiarise yourself with the exam regulations and eligibility criteria before applying. If you are ineligible or do not submit all required documentation, you will not be accepted and your exam fee refunded – this will be subject to a 20% administration fee.


If you wish to make an appeal about the conduct of your exam, you must do so within 14 days of the publication of results. Appeals will be considered which allege maladministration, bias or impropriety of some kind, whether in the conduct or the determination of the result of the exam. Appeals disputing the academic judgement of the examiners will not be considered. 

RCSI operates a “fit to sit” policy; that is if a candidate presents to an examination they are confirming that they are in a fit state to take the examination.  Claims pertaining to fitness to sit the examination do not fall under the purview of the Appeals Regulations. 

To submit an appeal, please read the appeal policy and complete the application form.

Attendance at the exam

You must bring photographic identification to each part of the exam.

Visa arrangements, if applicable, are the sole responsibility of the candidate – the RCSI Student, Academic & Regulatory Affairs (SARA) office cannot get involved with any stage of a visa application. A letter to confirm your acceptance for an exam can be issued on request to support an application for an entry visa. Visa support letter requests should be emailed to pgexams@rcsi.ie. Candidates are not normally permitted to transfer their application to another centre.

Withdrawal of application

Applicants who withdraw from an examination/course before the closing date will have the application fee refunded, less a 20% administrative charge. Applicants who withdraw after the closing date, or who fail to attend, will forfeit the fee paid in full.

If work commitments prevent your attendance, the College is not responsible for the refund of any part of the application fee. Transfers are not normally permitted.

Exceptional circumstances

There may be occasions when your attendance is affected by circumstances beyond your normal control. In this instance an application for exceptional circumstances must be submitted – as detailed in the Professional Exams – Exceptional Circumstances Policy and application form. Applications of this nature must be made within 14 days of the date of the examination.

Membership/diploma fees

A conferring fee of €250 applies.