RCSI researchers in endocrinology are interested in a number of conditions that occur when hormones are dysregulated and disorders of salt and water balance.

Of particular interest is acromegaly where the pituitary gland produces excessive amounts of growth hormone and the development of pituitary tumours.

Our clinician scientists, based mainly in Beaumont Hospital, assess patient responses to different regimens of hormone replacements and to find the combination for improved outcomes.

Main areas of interest:

  • Acromegaly resulting from the pituitary producing excessive amounts of growth hormone
  • Assessment of cardiovascular risk and outcomes in patients with acromegaly
  • Biomarkers of tumour growth/aggressiveness and response to treatment in pituitary tumours
  • Improving diagnosis and treatment in patients with hyponatraemia (low sodium levels)
  • Optimisation of glucocorticoid replacement in patients with adrenal insufficiency
  • Hyponatraemia or low sodium level in the blood
Our Principal Investigators