Automated Biopolymer and Biomaterial Synthesis Facility

Biopolymers – the most fundamental components of leaving organisms and their synthetic counterparts, including peptides and polymers – have seen an exponential expansion of potential applications in the last decades.

The ability to produce these macromolecules with dedicated automated synthesizers has significantly contributed to this growth. The Automated Biopolymer and Biomaterial Synthesis Facility at RCSI is a unique facility in Ireland. Funded under the SFI Infrastructure Programme 2016, the facility can meet the needs for synthetic peptides and polymers for medical materials and devices, across several third-level institutions and industry partners.

It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for peptide synthesis (including automated microwave and parallel synthesisers) and flow chemistry.

For further information and requests please contact:  Donal O'Shea ,  Andreas Heise or  Marc Devocelle.