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Advanced Therapeutic Technologies

BSc Advanced Therapeutic Technologies (Hons)
School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences

Why study Advanced Therapeutic Technologies?

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  • Irish/EU applicants should apply through CAO before 1 February 2022.

The (bio) pharmaceutical and health sector is facing a new era of opportunity as it incorporates healthcare innovations and technologies in areas such as genomics, precision medicines, big data and connected health. With issues of sustainability, an aging population and increasing levels of non-communicable diseases, the rapid acceleration of healthcare-related knowledge which fuses digital technologies with traditional science offers the potential for radical sectoral transformation and enhanced patient outcomes. This has led to an increasing focus on disease prevention and tailored therapies and technologies.

Given this, there is a need to reimagine University science education to develop the next generation of scientists capable of innovating and collaborating to deliver the next generation of transformative therapeutic technologies. The RCSI BSc Advanced Therapeutic Technologies has been designed specifically to equip students with extensive, future-focused scientific knowledge and technical skills in addition to transversal competencies to address current and future global healthcare needs.

This project has been supported by the Higher Education Authority under the Human Capital Initiative, Pillar 3. Grant agreement: 17796884 ‘Enabling Future Pharma’.

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BSc in Advanced Therapeutic Technologies brochure PDF | 624.5 KB

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