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Advanced Therapeutic Technologies

BSc Advanced Therapeutic Technologies (Hons)
School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences

Why study Advanced Therapeutic Technologies?

Do you want to become a science innovator? And a pioneer in state-of-the-art medicine therapies and technologies? Are you interested in biology and health science, love maths and technology and want to research and develop cutting edge medicines, treatments and health technologies? If so, this is the course for you.

The BSc in Advanced Therapeutic Technologies fuses digital technology with traditional science. This science degree is focused on the latest scientific discoveries and goes beyond learning about each step of the drug lifecycle process as it layers in cutting-edge advanced therapeutic technologies and precision medicine – state-of-the-art individual treatments based on individual’s genes, environment and lifestyle.

RCSI has reimagined university science education to develop the next generation of scientists capable of innovating and collaborating to deliver groundbreaking therapeutic technologies. Upon completion of this new degree you will be a highly sought-after graduate who can apply extensive, future-focused scientific knowledge and technical capabilities in the (bio) pharmaceutical and related industries using highly developed power skills to address current and future global healthcare needs.

Check out a recent article in The Irish Times about this exciting science degree here.

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Dara Alero Anthony

"With this course, I have learnt so much, from human anatomy to biostatistics. I especially love learning about drug formulation and the pharmaceutics and pharmacology lectures are so interesting, and I leave the lectures with something new."

Dara Alero Anthony, BSc Advanced Therapeutic Technologies
Ingrid Radu

"The labs where we work are fascinating and really help to further explain the content that is taught in the lectures. I never thought I’d enjoy learning how to code – I love how I was given independence within the workshops to analyse the data myself."

Ingrid Radu, BSc Advanced Therapeutic Technologies
Aisha Betro

"What I have enjoyed most is the diverse range of modules taught, from human anatomy and physiology to data analysis. This has given me the opportunity to explore many disciplines and opens doors to many opportunities in the future."

Aisha Betro, BSc Advanced Therapeutic Technologies

This project has been supported by the Higher Education Authority under the Human Capital Initiative, Pillar 3. Grant agreement: 17796884 ‘Enabling Future Pharma’.