International Consilio Manuque Medicine Scholarship

Consilio manuque, meaning scholarship and dexterity, is the motto of RCSI.

The International Consilio Manuque Medicine scholarships has been established by RCSI Alumni to support undergraduate students who have an exceptional academic record of accomplishment and have demonstrated determination and motivation to study medicine at RCSI.

The Scholarship is open to all Non-EU students who are self-funding (i.e. not attending under an another scholarship programme), who have applied to and been accepted on the Graduate Entry Medicine Programme (four year) or Direct Entry Medicine programmes (five and six year tracks). Students are eligible for consideration when they have accepted their offer to attend the medical school.

Applicants will be considered on academic merit and a holistic review of their scholarship application. Assessment will be based in academic and personal achievement to date and an evaluation of the students potential to become an outstanding future medical doctor. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to complete an interview as part of the application process.

Successful applicants will receive a scholarship of €25,000, provided on the following basis:

  • Students in the four-year programme will receive €6,250 per academic year
  • Students in the five-year programme will receive €5,000 per academic year
  • Students in the six-year programme will receive €4,167 per academic year

Scholarship payments will be made to the student at the beginning of each academic year. Scholarship payments are for progression years only and will not be made for a repeat year.

International scholarship offer holders are required to:

  • Provide an annual and mid-year report about their academic and social activities and achievements at University.
  • Represent RCSI as an ambassador throughout their degree programmme. Activities may include providing testimonials or content for social media and other marketing activities and participating at open days or international promotion events, subject to class timetabling and availability.
  • Attend once at the annual scholarship award presentation event.

Students who apply for the International Scholarship must be:

  • Non-EU and self-funding students who are not in receipt of other scholarship funding.
  • First time attending RCSI.
  • In receipt of an offer to attend the full duration Dublin medical course and have accepted their offer.
  • Ready to begin their studies in year that they receive their scholarship. If students receive a scholarship and subsequently defer their start date, the scholarship will be lost. Students in this instance are entitled to reapply for the scholarship in the subsequent year.
  • Willing to allow the scholarship committee to access the information that was provided in their admissions application to RCSI, e.g. transcripts, references, personal statement, etc.
  • Prepared to complete an interview as part of the scholarship application.

Please note

  • Scholarship awards are made at the discretion of the University.
  • The number of scholarships that are offered by the University may vary from year-to-year.
  • RCSI can only consider applications for the scholarships once.
  • Receipt of the award in subsequent years is subject to satisfactory academic progress.
  • Scholars will be expected to write an annual report about their academic and social activities and achievements at the University.
  • Students are only eligible to apply for the International Consilio Manuque Medicine Scholarship in the year that they commence their studies.
  • In applying for the scholarship, the student must agree to allow the scholarship committee access to their admissions file. This is to provide the committee with access to the students’ academic transcripts, references, etc. The contents of the application file will form part of the scholarship evaluation. Allowing access the admissions file removes the requirement for the student to resubmit these documents when applying for the scholarship.

Students meeting the scholarship eligibility criteria, as outlined above, will be invited to apply for the International Consilio Manuque Medicine Scholarship by the RCSI Admissions Office. An invitation will be issued by email to eligible offer holders in mid-July 2024 and the application will remain open until the end of August. 

Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Awards Committee (SAC) with shortlisted candidates invited to attend for interview. These interviews will be held in RCSI in early October. Following the interview process the scholarship will be awarded by the SAC.