Graduate Entry Medicine

MB, BCh, BAO (Hons)
School of Medicine

Your future

As an accelerated four-year medical degree programme, from day one, Graduate Entry Medicine at RCSI is career-focused, with modules based on the systems of the human body, rather than traditional science subjects, and early clinical contact with patients in a hospital setting.

Now, 11 years on from the inception of the programme, we have 479 GEM graduates in 17 countries, contributing in a variety of different specialities and working in community, hospital, industry, research and academia.

Data has also shown that graduates of the RCSI GEM programme have performed as well or better than their counterparts in the direct entry programme, alleviating any concerns around the ability of students to be trained in a shorter time frame.

Read some of our current students and graduates stories below and discover how you too can become a future healthcare leader, through our Graduate Entry pathway.

"RCSI’s approach to learning makes you start thinking like a doctor from day one. As students we start simulated patient interviewing and history-taking, along with clinical skill workshops, all within the first month of classes."

“I chose RCSI for three reasons: Great facilities. Great legacies. Great location. GEM brings people with a variety of disciplines together with a common goal ... Our small group of 60 Irish and international students bonded and still support each other.”

“RCSI offered an amazing mix of traditional teaching and workshop learning. I enjoyed being part of a smaller class, and clinical rotations with the larger class, experiencing the diversity represented by RCSI’s international student body.”